Travelling Halong in winter

Halong bay in The Winter

Located in Northern of Vietnam, Halong bay weather is influenced by tropical monsoon climate with four seasons: spring, summer, autumn and winter. Tourists can visit Halong in anytime of the year, each season has its own beauty. Halong winter usually lasts from November last year to January next year, average temperature in winter about 16-18°C. Weather can be a little cold and cloudy, sometimes rainy, however, this is off-season so visitors may save a lot of money. Your holiday are also rarely interrupted because of storms.

Halong cruise bay
Halong cruise bay in winter

In recent year, tourists travelling Halong bay in the winter are increasing especially Europian visitors who prefer to travel on Christmast. Travelling in winter, visitors will have opportunity to admire a very different beauty of Halong as well as take part in some exciting activities that are impossible in the summer.

Tourists especially foreigners usually stay overnight at cruises. There are a lot of luxury cruise in Halong such as Starlight cruise, Paradise cruise, Au Cơ cruise, etc. Each cruise has the unique design but the most important thing is the comfort of passengers. Rooms are equipped with full of amentities and often designed with large window in order to enjoy Halong-the most stunning bay in Vietnam with 360 view. Foods on the cruises are delicious and suitable for both domestic and foreign customers. All of staff can speak English and always ready to help. It can be said that travelling Halong bay in the winter and staying at cruise is one of the best way to discover the different beauty of this bay.

food in Starlight cruise
food in Starlight cruise

Most of them like visting fishing villages on boats or moto boats and experiencing the life of local fishermen. Get up early in the morning, they easily can be attracted by everyday life, everyday activities of fishermen. After a night going to net fish, smalls boats pulled up into group of 4 or 5. Women are cooking beakfast for family, children have to wake up early to go to school or go to market with mother. What a peaceful life!

Taichi exercise with Starlight Cruise
Taichi exercise with Starlight Cruise

Passengers will be dip in the hot tub, enjoy relaxation and admire the beauty of Halong at the same time. They are albe to experience strong feeling by kayaking, getting closer to fishing boats of local people. Visit the caves in the winter, maybe you will surprise because of the special shape stalactite columns in cold, wet and also very pure spacious. After a night, tourists should wake up early and exercise while waiting for sunrise in cold and fresh air. Travellers describes it as “the best thing at Halong bay in the winter


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