Why tourist should choose Emeraude Cruise for vacation?


Emeraude Cruise is one of the best mid range cruises in Halong bay. Spending vacation on this cruise, you will be involved in a lot of marvelous destinations and exciting activities. The folowing are some reasons why Emeraude Cruise becomes an ideal cruise for your holiday.

Suitable itinerary

With 2 days 1 night tour, Emeraude will take you to many famous landscapes in Halong. Although sometimes your itinerary may be affected by weather condition, you still can explore by yourself the beauty of Halong bay from the Sun Deck area.

Sung Sot Cave
Sung Sot Cave is on the same island with Trinh Nu cave.

Tourist will visit Sung Sot cave – a largest and the most beautiful cave in Halong bay. Next, visitors will go to Ngoc Trai fishing village. Located in the center of the Bay, about 24km from the mainland, it is an amazing village nestled between a thousands of islands and islets. You also have chance to discover many other attractions such as Dong Tien Lake, Luon Cave, Ma Cave and so on.

Modern Accommodations

Emeraude Cruise
Emeraude Cruise

Considered as a mid range cruises halong bay, Emeraude Cruise makes it difference from others by white and brown mahogany color. With French style decoration, Emeraude have started take a tour around Halong bay since early 20th century. It has just rebuilt in Hai Phong with the length of 55m. The cruise consists 3 floors with 37 cabins, 3 special cabins, 2 bars and 1 restaurant. On the main floor and cruise’s deck has private areas where tourists can relax and enjoy the peace of Halong bay.

Delicious Foods and Drinks


After getting up early to enjoy the sunrise, visitors will enjoy an European-style breakfast with bacon, sausages, fried eggs,… Lavazza coffee also is served in breakfast.

High quality, fresh and delicious are adjectives to describe the buffet lunch on Emeraude Cruise. The menu is various and eye-catching which surely satisfy the tastes of tourists. Dinner also is an exciting experience. Similar to buffet for lunch, the menu for dinner includes dishes prepared with seafood, salads, soups and rice. Guests also can choice bread or tropical fruits for dessert.

Affordable price

Offering a series of high standard services, the price you have to pay when taking a tour on Emeraude Cruise is not too expensive. Only about 4,000,000 VND for a 2days 1 night tour, tourists will surprise because of what it brings. That price is includes 3 meals and Superior room for two people.



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